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If you are a real estate agent / broker, whether you work as individual or with a group (agency), by registering as Oman Real Agent, you will gain new possibilities to build and grow your real estate network.

By making your listing stand out from the crowd with our new exclusive ad feature, and by providing you the tools and insights to help you connect with the motivated buyers, you will sell / rent your property faster than ever.

Oman Real App has over 95 thousands monthly active unique users in Oman. Register now as Premium Oman Real Agent, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Key benefits

Exclusive listing on a map

The last thing you want is for someone to promote the same property that you promoted. Upgrading your account will ensure that your listings had a lead.

When a plot or a villa has multiple offers (multiple users listing the same property), Oman Real shows only the premium agent offer on the map. This will make you stand out from the competition.

Analytic tools

Watch your listing's progress, measure its quality, gauge different marketing campaign, and measure how well your listing is doing on Oman Real. And expand your buyers network, by directly connecting with motivated buyers.

For each listing, you have access to the statistics details, such as number of visits, number of users who tried to contact you, and the users who added your listing to their favourite. On top of this, you can view the potential buyers profile and communicate with him / her directly.

Upload videos

Make your listing more attractive to the buyers, by sharing a short video of the property. In videos, you can explain features that are not possible with images and texts alone, which in return will helps the buyers to make a more informed buying decision.

Personalized website

Make your company a website that harnesses the power of Oman Real, and manage your listings in one place. Your site will have a map with Oman Real's lands layouts, and your listings will be presented on that map. They can also be filtered and presented as a list. In addition, your site will include your agency details, contacts, agents' profiles and a list of all of your listings and more.

If your agency has a website, we can work together to integrate Oman Real services into your existing website.

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