Frequently Asked Questions


What is Oman Real?

Oman Real is a set of services aimed at providing all the tools needed to locate your plot, promote your real estates, and provide huge options to buy or rent the best properties that suit your needs, with the use of the latest technologies.

On what platforms can I use Oman Real?

You can use our services on most of the platforms, which are: 1. On your desktop or tablet via browser, 2. iOS devices, such as iphones and ipads, and 3. Android devices. We are striving to provide the best experience on any of these platforms.

Is Oman Real free service?

Yes, Oman Real is a free application to use and to download. You can locate an unlimited number of plots via krookie images, manual input, or plot no. You can create unlimited links for locations, and view the land layouts of some areas. However, there are some premium features and services only for paid users, such as adding new posts, and calculating areas.


What can I do on the map section?

  1. Locate your property (plot), by uploading a krookie image, manual input of coordinates, or by a plot number.
  2. Share, advertise, and export the located plot.
  3. Open shared link in google map.
  4. Navigate through plot layouts, which are available in some areas.

How can I locate my plot?

You have 3 methods:

  1. By uploading a krookie image.
  2. By manually inserting plot’s coordinates.
  3. By plot number, which might lead to many unwanted results.

How can I edit the location of the plot, after it's been located by the system?

When locating property via krookie image, in some rare cases there will be some missing corners. In this case you can edit the coordinates, and you can add, remove, or modify the coordinates. You can modify the projection as well.

Can I share the location of my plot?

Yes, you can create a short link for your plot, after it's been located on the map.

What is “Export to KML” and how is it useful?

Some users prefer to open their plot location on third party softwares, such as Google Earth. KML files can be generated (currently available on the website) for any located plot.


What can I do in the properties section?

Properties section, provides an intuitive user interface for navigating through massive amounts of listings on map, while viewing their details on the left sidebar. A map will show circles with a label specifying the number of listings within that area. These circles are called clusters. Double click one of the clusters to view the listings with their price tags. On the left hand side, there is a list of top 100 listings on the map, with sort and filter tools.

What does the number inside the circles on the map mean?

It is the number of listings within that area.

How to read the price inside the price tag on the map?

The label inside the rectangle box on top of the listing location, shows the price with the local currency (OMR in Sultanate of Oman). The number might be prefixed with multiplier’s units, such as K for thousands and M for millions.

New Post

What do I need to post my listing?

To post new listing you need:

  1. Signed in to our service.
  2. An active plan with at least one point remaining.
  3. Location of the plot on the map.
  4. Some images.
  5. Property's primary details, such as price, and property type ...etc.

What is the cost of adding a new post?

New post will cost you one point.


What benefits on purchasing a plan?

You have unlimited access to Oman Real’s premium features. In addition you can use the points to post and repost (make your listing appears on top) listings.

What are the points and how to use them?

Points can be used on consumable premium features, such as posting new listings, or reposting an existing listing.

How long will the plan last?

The period of each plan is specified in the plan’s description.

Do I still have access to premium features, after I consumed all of the plans’ points?

Yes, you have access to the app's premium features until all of your plans expire.


Where can I edit my personal information, such as profile image, name, email address and contact information?

On websites, you can click on your profile icon on the navbar, and choose “My Profile”. On mobile devices, you can go to the “More” section.

Can I add my agency’s details?

Yes, you can add your agency name, promotional text, and description, on your personal page.

Where can I manage my listings, and what can I do?

On your personal page, you can view and manage your listings. You have the options to:

  1. Repost, make your listing appear on top.
  2. Edit its details.
  3. Share it.
  4. Mark it as sold or rented.
  5. Or deactivate it.

Where can I view my favourite list, and what additional information I have?

You can view your favourite list on a personal page. Where you have access to some insights, such as total number of visits, and total number of users who had the listing in their favourite list. In addition you can view the latest changes on price.

Do I have access to my recently visited listings?

Yes, you can view your recently visited listings grouped by date on your personal page.